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Education is unending life long process. It begins when one enters the stage of life until he / she has his exit. Formal education is given by educational institutions. The aims and objective of any educational institution must be to instill  in the students genuine human and spiritual values, a genuine concern for the welfare of others and commitment to truth and justice and last but not least academic excellence and all round a\development of one’s personality to meet situation in life.
The Aim / Vision of St.Stephen’s School is To form integrated and responsible diligent person committed to peace and justice and ambitious for outstanding achievements.”
St.Stephen’s School is trying its best to achieve this goal. To realize this w offer many co-curricular activities which help unfold hidden talents of the students. Writing stories, poems, short essays are one of the activities which help students to develop the thinking and look at the things happening in the world at different angles. We bring out our school magazine in your hands. It is the creative and hard work of our students and teachers.
My sincere THANKS to all the parents, well wishers, teachers and students for the support and cooperation.

Fr. Rayappan Chinnappan

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